Our Companies

Brand Yourself believes people should be able to control what they look like online - without spending thousands on a reputation company.

doDoc: Streamline Pharma documentation. Make documents secure, collaborative and audit ready.

ezCater: The easiest, most reliable way to find and order food from local caterers. Everywhere. You'll find over 45,000 great caterers on ezCater, plus reviews and menus. The ordering is easy. Even better, it's free.

Happie  is replacing the pain and cost of recruiting with a video speed-dating platform making it fun for both candidates and companies to find the right fit.

InCrowd is changing traditional market research. Incrowd's on demand market research platform lets you get real-time market feedback from prescreened (verified and targeted for your market) healthcare professionals. They are replacing wait-for-it data with real-time data.

iTeam IT is the industry's leading provider of Service-as-a-Product™ (Saap™). iTeam has transformed the complex, multi-step process of service sales and delivery into well-defined, packaged products. iTeam's unique iPlatform™ makes this "service-to-product" transformation possible.

LeaseQ makes Leasing Equipment Fast, Easy and Cost Effective. The LeaseQ comparison shopping and underwriting platform is a cloud based SaaS solution that enables: 1) Businesses looking for equipment financing to find the best leasing plans and rates; 2) Dealers to get rates instantly so they can close sales while a prospect is still in the dealership; and 3) Leasing Companies to generate instant quotes and generate more cost effective qualified leads.

Pixability makes online video perform by optimizing the entire video process from conception to production to promotion. Pixability helps companies economically create, manage, promote, and measure online video so they can more powerfully and efficiently deliver the value proposition for goods and services to prospects, customers, partners, and employees.

Playrific: Screen time parents can feel good about. Enabling young children to safely explore and learn independently from a host of enriching videos, games and books selected from across the web.

Polisis a canvassing app that automatically creates targeted walklists of nearby voters from canvassers' phones.

Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor™ uniquely analyzes electricity consumption at the circuit level, delivering actionable intelligence and control required for effective energy management and cost savings for small businesses and homes.

Provender connects farms and restaurants together online.

RedTail Solutions EDI and RedTail GDS enable their customers in the retail, grocery, automotive and medical products supply chains to enhance their trading partner relationships, optimizing logistics operations and trade compliance performance

Respiratory Motion focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative medical devices to monitor respiratory variation. RMI's initial device, theExSpiron, is designed to be a leading indicator of respiratory distress and collapse.

Setem Technologies is the pioneer in Blind Source Signal Separation technology for audio and speech applications.

Splitwise takes the trouble out of sharing expenses - with friends, with roommates, with anyone.

SQZ Biotech has developed a high-throughput platform for simple and effective material delivery into cells.

Streamroot is an award-winning peer-to-peer solution to help broadcasters deliver lightning fast streams at a lower cost.

Testive: Online SAT & ACT prep and coaching.

Third Solutions launched the first multi-merchant digital receipts service which is operationally live as MyReceipts™. The service electronically aggregates itemized receipts from participating merchants and presents them to consumers via the company's website and partner channels. MyReceipts™ reduces the need for physical receipts while helping retailers and consumers be more "green".

UltraCell is working to deliver the purest, cleanest and best-performing cellulose insulation the industry has ever seen.

Viral Gains: Agencies and brands use the ViralGains viral marketing platform to build audiences and maximize social engagement for online video content.